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Rogue Soul 2

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RogueSoul2Rogue Soul 2 is one of the best adventure games that have ever played online. The game was developed by Soulgame and become rather popular from the day of release. This game is about a lonely warrior who is travelling through villages and help poor people who are enslaved by the dark forces. Rogue Soul 2 is the second version of the game and continues the story of the first chapter. Every level of the game is more interesting than the previous one and as you progress in the game a lot of updates and upgrades are becoming available to you in order to make your character stronger and faster. The main currency in this game is called soulons. It's like gold. During the game you will notice a lot of golden coins,golden helmets and treasure chests. Try to get them to earn some money. The variety of weapons in Rogue Soul 2 is also huge but at the beginning of the game only few of them are unlocked. You must earn soulons and stars to unlock all of them.

Rogue_Soul_2Another interesting thing that I love in this game is a variety of enemies. There are a lot of different enemies and all of them differ by their skills. For example the Mag can do a spell and throw it your direction, other guys use bow and arrows while most of the enemies use spears and swords. Also remember that some enemies are stronger than the others. Rogue Soul 2 is a game that will keep you engaged for hours.

How to play Rogue Soul 2

Remember that most of the stunts that your character is able to do is locked at the beginning of the game. For example in the higher levels you can do a double jump,double jump and parachute and even run on the walls like prince of persia. The basic set of controls for the game is:

[ARROWS] or [WASD] - Moves
[Z] - Slide
[X] - Throw
[P] or Esc - Pause